Just a quickie today XD

I managed to buy the "cute azz" by luck inc.  Jep, I know .. I am sloooow^^ But It was a hard decision between the phat azz an cute azz :) 

I bought these great panties by Luas urban style :) Well, I needed matchig clothes so I was hopping arround and then.. I went overboard a bit *blushes*

As I found these amazing sneaker wedges by *epic* I knew these will be mine! I so so so looooove the colours! And there is a little animated heart line at them. Now you know why I get these, right? 

well... and then it was mix and matching through my Inventory. And yep, rainbow colours all over :D

What am I wearig:

Skin: .tsg Hope in Vanity
Mouth: .Loud Mouth Alli +Gapped Teeth + .tsg Angel Lipstick - Lavendar Loud mouth
Lashes: [glow] Studio - tdr 2010 bestseller (3 pair of lashes)
Eyes: IKON vip group gift - january 2014
Makeup: [Mad Echo] - Leopard Eyeshadow Fatpack
Hair: Exile - Quiet Afterthought (Wild Fusion 2 Pack)

Hands: Slink  Avatar Enhancement Hands (Casual)
Fingernails: .tsg -  Slink Fingernails - Jewel Decora
Bangles: Izzie's - 80's Rainbow bangles

Bum: *luck inc. * - Cute Azz
Shirt: ~Sassy!~ Singer Icon fair Gift - Urban Top (not available, but there should be equal Shirts in mainstore)
Panties: Luas Urban Style - Noelia (Purple)
Socks: *epic* - [slink]  tight High Shoeless Socks (pink-rainbow)
Shoes: *epic* - 8-Bit Heart Sneaker Wedges (Blackout purple)


As I promised I will show you another great outfit from the running Collabor88 round.

A very sexy, futuristic looking one from r2 fashion. I have several great outfits from this store, so it was a must buy for me. I just love how perfect the textures are! The look so silky and metallic and.. I loooove them (even if they are not pink and purple^^)

Well, the bodysuit and boots come in several color options, but I will show you my favorite one: copper. 

As you see, the back is very open and shows the best(?) side ^^
The shoes are made for the slink high feet only and suit them so well!

What I am also wearing

Skin: .tsg Hope in Vanity
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Low Hair- Ladies (Monsoon Pack) available at Collabor88
Mouth: .Loud Mouth Alli +Gapped Teeth + .tsg Angel Lipstick - Lavendar Loud mouth
Makeup: cheLLe (eyeshadow) Glamour Puss
Lashes: [glow] Studio - tdr 2010 bestseller (3 pair of lashes)
Eyes: IKON vip group gift - january 2014

Bodysuit and Boots: r2 Fashion -  enbi suit +boots (in copper) available at Collabor88

Hands and Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands (Casual) +Feet (High)

Tattoo: ~Glitterburps~ Simple Tatts <3

Poses: Essential Soul Studio and Poses


Last week I was able to get to Collabor88 and it was stll crowded. BUT I got some pretty , cute, nerdy things there  ;) 
This  collabors round theme is: BACK TO BUSINESS. There are so many pretty things to buy, that it was hard to decide which one I will get for myself.

I fell in love with the Diane Frames from yummy. These are exactly the glasses I would expect a secretary wearing. The texture is amazing an fits the frame perfectly. You are able to resize these unrigged mesh glasses to fit your head . A must buy!
The next cute thing I got is this amazing mesh Blouse by *BOOM*. I just love the color and the little ruffles <3 it also let my boobies look sexy ^^

And as you know, I looove pink and ruffles. So I needed to get some nice things for this blouse. I went to *BOOM* Mainstore and got a cute little skirt with a colorchanging bow. I added ruffled socks and my favorite high plateau heels from THE SUGAR GARDEN. Voilá, that's what I would look like if I were a secretary XD

What else am I wearing:

Skin: .tsg - Chloe in Siren (clear skin)
Hair: .ploom - Imogen (Candy Pack)
Lashes: *sissi* Lashes 01
Makeup: :Glamorize: Make up Tattoo - Just Liners 1

Top and Skirt: *Boom* Hello Girl Ruffle Top (Blush) + Minka Mini Ruffle (doll pink)
Socks and Heels: .tsg Prissy Ruffle Socks (Solid white) + Bubbles Heels (pink)
Glasses: Yummy - Diane Frames - Tortoise

Hands+Feet: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Feet (high) + Avatar Enhancement Hands (casual)

Pose : Custom pose by Gwin LeShelle (~Glitterburps~ on Marketplace)

I will show you another outfit from this collabor round soon. I just need to get my Internet fixed for taking pictures again

*sneeks in*

Oh hai! 
Didn't know that you are already here *giggles*

Today I was strolling through Secondlife and came along the WE <3 Roleplay Event. A nice little event with a few great shops who are offering anything you need for your roleplay (Not only the gorean ones). As I was moving from shop to shop I fell in love. Nooo, no man or woman caught my eye. There was an amazing mesh gown by Peqe! For the event they chose 2 colors they are offering 30% off the normal prize! But as you already should know me, I looooove pink^^ So I went to Peqe Mainstore to see if they have the dress in other colors. Guess what? They do! But only the 2  at the We <3 Roleplay Event are 30% off.

As you see, it is truly beautiful! The textures match  great and they look like they will feel fantastic if you touch them (I KNOW you can't, but they look so real)

The second amazing thing I found is the Feathered collar by [The Forge]. It is unrigged mesh and comes in a fatpack with pretty color options. And you should know that it's 50% off at the event!! 

And know I will explain why  I will live with a catchy tune in my head for days:

I needed some nice hair for this outfit and came along Elsa hair by Catwa. I fell in love with this some while ago and always thought that I have seen this hair anywhere else in my life. Yep... I know where it is from... After Hubbie singing "let it go" from disney's Frozen it was like "oh... how could I forgot who ELSA is" and I am singing this song since 5am in the morning

What am I also wearing:

skin: essence - Aime *peche* (blonde brows)
Lashes: *sissi* Lashes 01
Makeup: .:Glamorize:. Make up Tattoo -Just Liners1 

Feet: Slink - Avatar Enhancement Feet female Mid
Hands: Slink -  Avatar Enhancement Hands -Casual

Collar: [The Forge] Feather Collar (50% off at we <3 roleplay/comes in Fatpack)
Dress: Peqe - Highgarden pink (30% off at we <3 roleplay/but in 2 other colors, this is bought at the mainstore)
Earrings: (Dahlinks) Morrihgan Pearl&Diamond Earrings
Hair: catwa - elsa (4)

Pose: Custom Pose made by Gwin Leshelle (Owner of ~Glitterburps~)

Because I hate sining alone.... you will need to watch this^^

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