After some grey and rainy days the sun came out today. I felt so good inside her warming beams that I am in a very happy mood now :)

Because oft that I decided to get a really colorful look for you, sooooo... here we goooo :)

First of all: My Rainbowskirt from Katat0nik. I love the colors, the layered look, well, everything! Just look at it's rainbow colors and fell in love. There are several Skirts to choose from. I also got a light rainbow version of this skirt there (you will love it!)
Well, I asked myself what to wear with this pretty skirt and went to Blah. I know I would find a perfect Item there that will fit my needs :) And yep, I found this georgous Bodysuit that looks some kind of melted Icecream. I got myself the lilac/sky one, even if it was hard to choose any (all are so pretty colored)

At Blah I also find my new favorite Shoes! Well.. Shoes is the wrong word I guess... But I knew I couldn't live without these Getas in Latex <3 
Hoshi Kimono is offering these pretty Babies in several colors and also with a wooden base! Just jump into the store and  get your favorite pair :D

Well, enough for today . I want you to have an amazing weekend with lots of sunshine :D

Love , Secret

What else am I wearing

Skin: Deetalez - Uma in Nordic 
Hair: [LCKY ] -  Rene (Disaster Pack)
Eyes: .tsg - Galxy Eyes in Pink
Lips: .tsg - Lip Tinte in Sugarplum
Eye makeup: .tsg - Doki Doki Eyeshadow simple (gatcha Item, available at .tsg Mainstore)
Lashes: [glow] studio - TDR 2010 bestseller 
Star tattoo: ~Glitterburps ~ Starsies Tattoos (wearing Teeny Tiny)

Bodysuit: Blah. - my Sticky Candy Suit in Lilac/Sky
Skirt: Katat0nik - Tulle Skirt in Candy Rainbow + Tulle Skirt Waistband
Tights: *epic* Tight High Toeless Socks (I didn't use the applier for slink feet)
Shoes: Blah. - My elevated Getas in Latex (violet)

Bow: tsg. Crowned Jewel Hairbow in Pink (Colorchange Hud for gems and metal included)
Noseringellabella - Rondure - Carbon&Pearl (gatcha Item from Mainstore)
Collar: Blah. - My Nekomata Collar (Special White Pack)
Ring: Blah. - My cute Vampaia Ring (Violet)
Nails: {ZOZ} - Glitter Candy Gold Polish

Hands and Feet: SLINK Avatar Enhancements
Boobs: Lola Tango Mirage

Poses: ~Glitterburps~ Oh Joy and Fly away from here


During the last 3 days my Inventory exploded, because I went to The Chapter 4. Well, every month it is a must go for me. All of  those pretty things and gachas *_*

This Round is something special, because The Chapter 4 is turning 1 year :) Happy Birthday *throwing confetti*
Well, for that cause all Designers created a nice little gift that are ready to picked up there. You only need to join the group of The Chapter 4.

Today I will show you some of these Gifts and some of my gacha items I got there and also some cute little ones that are from a store gacha :)

As you can see, I have some new little Friends :) These are made by Obscura Benoir, the owner of D'n'C.  These litte cuties are called Boxis and you can collect them. There are 6 common and 1 rare.
Ionic has made suuuper cute items for  their gacha! I played it 3 Times and got the Desk with Chair and the cabinet with these little houses in it <3
You can also see 2 Items from Oh la la. The gorgeous hanging book and the A stool are so well made! and the stool has poses in it *-* I guess I will play those gachas again to get more cute stuff *sighs

Let me now show you my outfit. It's kinda nerdy/girl next door like, but I really like it. 
My Blouse and Skirt are from Tokame and are the Birthdaygift for The Chapter 4. It comes as 1 piece and has the cute cage necklace extra . I combined this Outfit with another birthday gift from Moon. They made this incredible cute messy hairstyle. you will get the greyscale pack :)
My little furry companion is from Alchemy/birdy and it's from The charpter 4 gacha there. Well, I guess I am a birdy gacha addicted. I looooooove who cute these things are and I always play this gacha once.... or twice... or.. well.. I spend much time on the birdy gachas <3

You need to tp to The Chapter 4 now and make yourself happy by buying these cutnesses :) Hurry, because it will only last a few days.

Take care hufflepuffling <3

What else am I wearing

Skin: DeeTalez - A.T.W. Uma (in nordic) 
Eyes: IKON - Promise Eyes in Oak
Lashes: [glow] Studio TDR2010 Bestseller (3 pair of lashes) 
Hair: Moon {Hair} - Unreflected Greyscale Pack , Birthdaygift at TCF
Glasses: BB- Gothica Nerd Glasses 

Dress:  Tokame - Damara Autumn Dress + Heart in a cage Necklace , Birthdaygift at TCF
Heels: fri.day -  Moxie Heels (baby) , available at C88
Tights: {Mes petites Coutures} -  Rawr Collection
Kitty: Alchemy/.birdy - Sassy Cat - G -Snow , available at TFC
Purse: Offbeat - nyanyanaya purseBirthdaygift at TCF

Hands and Feet: SLINK Avatar Enhancements
Polish: ~Glitterburps~ Cloud No. 9

Furniture: *ionic* and oh la la,  available at TFC

Boxis: D'n'C 

Poses: ~Glitterburps~ and sr3d poses


I am a bit behind with this post, cause of a busy RL . BUT

This time Collabor88's Round is incredible amazing <3
Would have bought everything in there, but I already bought too much thogh^^

Let me show you what I got 

First of all I'd like to show you these pretty Furnitures and dishes! I mixed and matched some of Floorplan, Flowey's and The Loft Items to fit my needs. These Little Dinerplates are sooo pretty. And the Table is Texturechange! Love love love! 

The Dress I am wearing is from Milk Motion and  loooooook! It fits so perfectly and lets my boobies look so nice *sighs* and of course I bought it in pink :D 
I choose fri.days Moxie Heels. These match my dress so well and really remember me at the 50's. 

Well, enough for today, have a happy and sunny rest of the weekend everyone <3

What else am I wearing:

Skins: ->Freak<- Dyane in B tone, incl. SLINK Appliers (available soon)
Eyes: IKON - Promise Eyes in Oak
Lashes: [glow] Studio TDR2010 Bestseller (3 pair of lashes)
Hair: Tram - D427 hair in amber (available at Collabor88)

Dress: Milk Motion - Pin up Dress in pink (available at Collabor88)
Earings: Maxi Gossamer - Matinee Shimmer (available at Collabor88)
Heels: Fri.day -  Moxi Heels in baby (available at Collabor88)
Hairbow: LaGyo -  Mary Bow Bandana pack 3 (available at Collabor88)

Hands and Feet: SLINK Avatar Enhancements
Polish: ~Glitterburps~ Cloud No. 9

Furniture and Dishes: FloorplanFlowey's and The Loft (available at Collabor88)

Poses: ~Glitterburps~ Oh Joy (1st Picture)  and Purple Poses Mila (2nd Picture)

All LM's can be found under Shop and Event Landmarks at right top of this page or i you click here


There are a lot of events running and I want to show you my favorites :)

At Fit For A Princess you can get everything royal related (dresses, crowns, etc) and there are a lot of great designers with beautiful things <3

I decided  for this beautiful Gown by Junebug. I love the high neck part and the layered effect of the skirt. It suits my avatar really good without changing my shape. On my (royal) Head I am wearing a little piece of amazingness! This little crown is from Krystal's gatcha at Fit For A Princess event. There are plenty colors you can get and even 1 rare. Absolutly worth it <3

My Necklace is a gift for collecting stamps at the Enchantment event. There are 20 stores participating and each store has specially marked items for sale at their mainstores. Here you will get more Information about the event and how it works.

Have fun and take care!

What else am I wearing

Skin: Essence - Aime *peche*
Makeup:  Glitzz - Thrift Shop Gift eyeliner
Lashes: [glow] Studio - tdr 2010 bestseller (3 pair of lashes)
Eyes: IKON - VIP Group Gift January 2014
Hair: Clawtooth - Windswept (Enchanting Brunettes pack) 
Crown: Krystal - Sweet Princess Mini Crown , available at Fit for a princess

Dress: *{Junbug}* - Sleeping Beauty, available at Fit for a Princess
Shoes: Deviance - MiLady Slippers in Snow for SLINK Mid Feet only (old Gatcha Item, don*t know if still available at mainstore)
Necklace: T.arnished - Thorns at my Neck, available at Enchanment as a gift for collecting stamps
Ring: Moon Amore - Releaza Rings (Patterns) Gatcha Item at Fit for a princess

Hands and Feet: SLINK Avatar Enhancements
Mouth and Teeth: loudmouth - Alli and gapped Teeth
Lipstick: .tsg -  Sweet Luna Lipgloss
Nailpolish: ~Glitterburps~ Cloud No. 9

Poses: ~Glitterburps~


I am waiting for summer so bad, because I hate the rainy spring weather a lot. I miss the sun, the warming beams and sitting outside without an umbrella or freezing.

My outfit today is inspired by the time when Spring turns into summer. When the days are warm and the nights are a bit colder, but not that cold. When Flowers and Trees are in bloom and the air smells great. When you can walk through parks, having icecream in the sun and seeing al the birds and bees and butterflies everywhere <3

The dress I am wearing is from Paradisis. It is like I like pring/summer dresses the most: Strapless and long. The Textures are really pretty!
I combined them with Ingenue's Lillian Heels for a more Ladylike look. But I think some Sandals or even nice flipflops will match great :)

I really need to show you my nails! These slink addons were made my Gwin LeShelle, the owner of Glitterburps, and I adore them (no, not only because they are pink^^)! I can't wait for more (hurry up Gwin *lols*) 
If you look closer, I am wearing a little nice ring on my finger. No, I am not enganged or married XD
This little thingy is from ->Freak<- and it has the tiniest bling bling I have ever seen ;) The Store is available on MP at the moment, but they will open their SL Gates soon.

So far, I want to wish you all an amazing weekend with lots of sunshine 
Take care everyone <3

What else am I wearing

Skin: Essence - Aime *peche*
Makeup: Glitzz - Thrift Shop Gift eyeliner
Lashes[Glow] Studio - tdr 2010 bestsellers 
Eyes: IKON - VIP Group gift January 2014
Hair: Tram - D314 in Cork

Dress: Paradisis - Fleur de Printemps
Necklace: Pure Poison - Aileen

Nails: ~Glitterburps~ Cloud No. 9 Nailpolish Addon for Slink Hands
Ring: ->Freak<-  Memoire Ring on Marketplace

Hands and Feet: SLINK Avatar Enhancements
Mouth and Teeth: Loudmouth . Alli and gapped Teeth

Poses: LAP and ~Glitterburps~

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