My Vacation took a bit longer but now I am back with lots of energy :D

Today I want to show you a pretty , cute and kind of sexy outfit.

I went to Collabor88 to  get some goodies rom the running round (get there fast, because it will end in a few days)

Tee*fy created an adorable Dress which is available in pretty colors. Ofcourse I needed it in pink :D 
 It's a short dress with some belt thingy around the body. I really love the idea to put belts around a dress <3

I also found these gorgeous heels and necklace at collabor88. Shaleene from pure poison did an outstanding job by creating these heels! I am in love!!! You need them, believe me <3

Last but not least my personal favorite from this collabors round:
Glam Affair! When I first saw Artemis in soooo many beautiful makeups, it was hard to decide wich ones I'll get. I bought 2 of these, but I will get back there and buy more! The makeups, shades... everything is perfect! 

The Arcade Gacha Event has started and I managed to get there *yaaaaay* 

I played some of the machines and I was lucky, because everything I got was perfect :D 

My Hair is from Exile and is called:  Dancing on my own. It's really adorable and I am glad I played the gachamachine! 

Well, enough for today. I am working on other outfits to show you soon :D

Take care ♥

What else am I wearing

Skin: Glam Affair -  Artemis (Asia 07), available at Collabor88. Hurry!
Lashes: [Glow] Studio - Innocent Eyelashes (TDR Bestseller2010)
Eyes: IKON - Promise Eyes (Starfall)
Hair: Exile -  Dancing on my own (Ice blondes), available at The Arcade Gacha Event

Dress: Tee*fy - Aphrodite Dress (pink), available at Collabor88. Hurry!
Heels: Pure Poison - Gold Goddess Sandals for Slink Medium, available at Collabor88. Hurry!

Necklace: Pure Posion - Greek Goddess Necklace (gold), available at Collabor88. Hurry!

Hands and Feet: Slink  Avatar Enhancements

Dysfunctional Designs - Garden Pavilion, available at Collabor88. Hurry!

Poses: Label Motion -  Carola (for The Dressing Room Fusion) and ~Glitterburps~ - Hands up


I just wanted to inform you all, that I won't be arround until August, 25th. I am going on vacation, so there won't be any bloggin and loggin into SL for this time. If you want to stay in contact, please feel free to write an IM inworld. My IMs will be sent to my email :D

I hope y'all will have a great time ! Take care and lots of love ♥

Secret Ansome

Hai !

It's been a while since I've blogged the last time. I moved in RL and wasn't able to get online a lot.

Today I want to show you a sexy latex outfit from Caprica. I followed this store from the beginning and thought I should introduce it to my fellow readers :D

I really like the Clothes and especially the Textures that aren't to overworked as in some other stores that offer latex clothes.

But just take a look. 

This sexy little thing comes in 3 colors: black, white and red. And you will have some great options. I choose those little bows and the bottom of the skirt. But you also could chose halters and stockings wich are in the pack, too :D

Caprica offers sexy things for male and female. Just check out their things  HERE.

What else am I wearing:

Skin: Glam Affair -  Kallisto Exotic 01
Lashes: [Glow] Studio -  Innocent Eyelashes (TDR Bestseller 2010)
Eyes: IKON - Promise Eyes (Starfall)
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Low Hair (Monsoon pack)

Outfit: Caprica - Underbreast Sexy Latex Dress 
Heels: Hyacinth - Glamistry White

Piercing: Zombie Suicide - Dimple Cheeks with piercing (here)
Necklace: Izzie's - Letter Heart Necklace (gold)
Nails: ->Freak<-  Oriental Nails (slink applier), comming soon

Hands and Feet: SLINK Avatar Enhancements


Great news from Lolapop! 

Their newest release are thos beautiful Slink Nails Addons :D You will get them with GOLD or SILVER glitter and just look how detailed and beautiful they look on my nails.

And guess what? Every Hud contains 10(!) of these pretty Colors <3

Lola also participates in  L'amitie Market Event wich runs from July,17th (opens today wuuuhuuuu) till August, 2nd. It's lokated on the Rack Poses Sim . And for this Event she created an amazing dress! It's a shorter one and backless <3 And the best thing: The dress comes with a hud and so you can change the textures <333 I really love this dress , because it fits great and looks so beautiful.

Take care my little bubbles

What else am I wearing

Skin: Glam Affair - Kalisto 01 in Exotic, available at Collabor88
Hairbase: Amacci - Hairbase Tattoos 2
Hair: Spellbound - Toothbrush, available at Collabor88

Necklace: Izzie's - Letter heart Necklace

Dress: Lolapop - Marisol Dress, available at  L'amitie Market Event
Shoes:  Sax Sheperd Design - Fairy Tale Tease, old fantasy gacha carnival item

Nails: Lolapop -  Argyle Nails for Slink, NEW Mainstore

Hands and Feet: SLINK Avatar Enhancements

Poses: ~Glitterburps~

Good morning beauties <3

I am still blogging some Collabor88 Items, because this round is amazing and I love the Safari theme :D

Today I will show you a really nice romper outfit from The Secret Store. Of course you can wear this little piece of amazingness not only for safari! It's also perfect for a shopping spree, a really hot summer day at the beach or just for haning with friends. 
I got it in white, but there are several colors available to chose from. Also the Belt is colorchange via hud, so you just can chose what ever you want to match it :D

I combined it with those gorgeous Heels from Hucci. These are too nice to be left at Collabor88 :D  Just look at them! And you can also combine them to a simple jeans, or a really short hot dress. You will have to choose your favorite color or just buy them all ^^

My bag is from U.F.O and is also available at Collabor88. There are more colors to choose from and you will get 2 bags in 1 set. With and without fringes. But I love the fringes alot so I decided for this bag to wear :D

Take care bumblebees <3

What else am I wearing

Skin: Glam Affair - Kallisto Exotic , available at Collabor88
Hairbase: Amacci - Hairbase Tattoos 2
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Cheetah Hair (Winter Pack), available at Collabor88

Eyes: IKON - Promise Eyes in Oak

Earings: Maxi Gossamer -  Keisha, available at Collabor88
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer -  Keisha, available at Collabor88
Bag: U.F.O. - Sapari chic shoulder bag, availabe at Collabor88

Romper: The Secret Store - Kiara Romper in Milk, availabe at Collabor88
Heels: Hucci - Hampstead Sandal in Mud, available at Collabor88

Hands and Feet: SLINK Avatar Enhancements

Props: all available at Collabor88
Scarlet Creative - Bed with blinds
Apple Fall - Flat File
Apple Fall - Rustic storage bench

Trompe Loeil - Rivershire waterwheel

Poses: marukin and glitterburps


I feel better so  I have prepared another Collabor88 post for you :D

Today I want to show you this amazing Outfit by Tres Blah. It is really perfect and it's exactly what I imagine when I am thinking about Safari.

Tres blah offers 3 single Items : Blouse, Shorts and Boots. Every Item is really well made and nicely textured <3 You can chose between different colors! 

I really don't need you to tell  that these clothes fit really good, do I ?

And ladies: Look at my Hair <3

Tableau Vivant offers 2 beautiful Hairstyles at Collabor88 and this one is my favorite on (of course I bought both hairstyles^^)
You get a hud for the headband and feather to change the color of single items.
And you know what? I love it! 

Well, thats a shortie again I guess..

Have a great Day and take care <3

What else am I wearing

Skin: Glam Affair -  Kallisto Exotic (<333) , available at Collabor88
Hairbase: Amacci - Hairbase Tattoos 2
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Panther Hair (Monsoon pack), available at Collabor88

Eyes: IKON - Promise Eyes in Oak

Earrings: Maxi Gossamer - Vallari Hoops, available at Collabor88
Bag : Zenith - Lion Head Bag (rare) , available at Seasons Story

Blouse: Tres Blah - Khaki Blouse in Sand, available at Collabor88
Shorts: Tres Blah - Khaki Shorts in Black,  available at Collabor88
Boots: Tres Blah - Riding Boots in light Brown, available at Collabor88

Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancements

Props: all available at Collabor88
Apple Fall "Cat" Art
Apple Fall Cast Iron Victorian Fireplace
Apple Fall Wooden Tribal jars
Apple Fall Plaster Horse
The Loft  Mara Orchids Soft red
Trompe Loeil Rivershire Chair with pillow

House: Trompe Loeil Rivershire waterwheel, available at Collabor88

Poses:  Marukin and Glitterburps


After some Offtime due to illness I am back :D

And I went to Collabor88 and it was a blast! I spent too much money XD

Today I want to show you the prettiest sommer/boho dress I ever saw! Zenith created it and I am blown away <3  This dress suits perfect, is great textured and it gave me a feeling of beeing a boho princess.
Zenith is also offering bohemian heels :D And of course they are great, too!

Well, Spellbound has amazing Hair for this round of collabor88 and I really fell in love! It is summery short and with a cute braid and I say it again: I love it! It comes with a bow option , too :D

And Ladies... Glam Affair released a new skintone... Exotic... And I love love love love it! You can get it in several makeups at Collabor88 and it is the prettiest dark tanned skin I have ever seen! Go and get it Ladies!

Girls, you really should get to Collabor88! So many great Designers and Items <3

Well, enough for today. I will snuggle up with my hotwater bottle and blanket to feel better soon.

Take care honeypops <3

What else am I wearing:

Skin: Glam Affair - Kalisto (Exotic), available at Collabor88 
Hairbase: Amacci - Hairbase Tattoos 2
Hair: Spellbound - Toothbrush, available at Collabor88

Necklace: Izzie's - Letter heart Necklace
Earrings:  Maxi Gossamer - Keisha, available at Collabor88
Bracelet and Ring: Blah. - Hana Flower Ring and Bracelet, available at OMGacha Event

Dress: Zenith -  Bohemian Summer (in rose) , available at Collabor88
Shoes: Zenith - Bohemian String Platform Shoes, available at Collabor88

Hands and Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancements

House: Trompe Loeil - Rivershire waterwheel ,available at Collabor88 

Poses: Marukin and Glitterburps


Today I will only post a quicky *hrhrhrhr

Illmatic released a very delicate Maxi Shirt for Kustom9 Event. And of course I really needed that (not only because they have a really hot pink one)
It is sheer rom head to toe and has 2 waist high slits which makes it very very sexy! 

My Hair is from littlebones and is called Crystallized. It's for the Kustom9 event , too. And I really love the asymetric style!

What else am I wearing

Skin: Glam Affair - Summer Skin (Asia 06), available at Collabor88
Lashes: [glow] Studio- Innocent Eyelashes (TDR Bestseller 2010)
Eyes: Ikon -  Promise Eyes (Starfall)
Hair: littlebones -  Crystallized in pastels, available at Kustom9

Dress: Illmatic - Sheena Sheer Maxi Shirt in Sherbet , available at Kustom9
Necklace: Izzie's - Letter Heart Necklace
Nosering: Ellabella - Helene Rainbow

Bed: Lisp - To the Lighthouse, available at Collabor88
Curtains: Zigana -  beaded curtains (old fifty linden friday)
Prefab: Scarlet Creative - Atlantic Gazer,available at Collabor88 

Mouth: loudmouth - Alli + Gapped teeth
Hands and Feet: SLINK Avatar Enhancements

Poses: ~Glitterburps~


You know it's the time of the year... when the days are sunny and warm and everyone seems to be in a happy mood.

I really enjoy summer and that's why I fell in love with this amazing dress by ur.favorite.one. It's a perfect summerdress for warm days and nights :D And of course it's pink! But there are also other colors to choose from at Collabor88.

I combined this dress with shoes from fri.day, that I also got at collabor88. Look at these pretty Sandals <3 They are for Slink Flat feet and are so gorgeous that I didn't want to take them off.

I needed new hair for this summer outfit and went to Kustom9.
Taketomi made this amazing hair called Ayame Nurie. And I love love love it! It fits perfect :D
I got the Karafuru/neon/pastel set and I will buy other packs, too. Just love these hard!

What else am I wearing

Skin: Glam Affair - Summer Skin (Asia 06)
Lashes: [glow] Studio- Innocent Eyelashes (TDR Bestseller 2010)
Eyes: Ikon -  Promise Eyes (Starfall)
Hair: Taketomi - Ayame Nurie, available at Kustom9

Dress: U.F.O - neck ruffle maxi dress (pink), available at Collabor88
Nosering: Ellabella - Helene Rainbow
Necklace: Glam Affair -  Rope Embellished Necklace in Coral, available at Collabor88
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears V3
Shoes: Fri.day -  Wayfaring Sandals in Blush, available at Collabor88

Mouth: loudmouth - Alli + Gapped teeth
Hands and Feet: SLINK Avatar Enhancements

Prefab: Scarlet Creative - Atlantic Gazer,available at Collabor88 
Driftwood: Half Deer - Drift with me (pale), available at Collabor88

Pose: Glitterburps


Oh my God! 
That was the first thing I said when I arrived at Collabor 88. This round is, well, incredible! 
Lots of summery, breezy, easy living things. I guess I bought too much this time *giggles*

But I will try to show you 1 outfit at a time :D 

Today, I will show you some kind of casual outfit from ISON. You will hve to choose from a lot of Shirts and Pants... And you can mix and match them as you like.

 I decided to get me some printed black and white chinos and a ruffled tunic blouse in ocean. As you know, I really like the Clothes ISON is creating, because they are so well textured and fit great.
For my feet I got to The still running arcade gacha event and played the ISON gacha a couple of times until I got these pretty boots in navy.

My Hair is made by Truth and is called Oceana.Look how cute it is with the shawl braided into it <3 You will get it at Collabor88 :D
As you know Truth Hair, there are a lot of colorpacks to choose from AND you will be able to change the texture of the shawl, too! Love love love!

And well, I needed some Jewelry to complete this outfit. And Maxi Gossamer is offering amazing Jewelry at Collabor88! I bought the Nerissa Earings and Necklace and I am totally in love. You are able to change the pearls color to match your ourfit  *squeeks excited*

And I saved the best for last:D

Glam Affair. wow! I was speechless when I saw that unbelievable gorgeous summer skin. and of course I needed to get the freckled version. And all appliers I could get ^^ 

What else am I wearing

Skin: Glam Affair - Summer Skin (Asia 06)
Lashes: [glow] Studio- Innocent Eyelashes (TDR Bestseller 2010)
Eyes: Ikon -  Promise Eyes (Starfall)
Hair:  Truth - Oceana, available at Collabor88

Tunic: ISON - Ruffle Bottom Button up (Ocean), available at Collabor88
Pants: ISON - Rope Belt Chinos (printed b&w), available at Collabor88
Shoes: ISON - Avery Strap Boots (navy, for SLINK ), available at The Arcade Gacha Event

Earings: Maxi Gossamer - Nerissa Cowrie Seashell, available at Collabor88
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Nerissa Cowrie Seashell, available at Collabor88
Nosering: Ellabella - Helene Rainbow
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears V3

Mouth: loudmouth - Alli + Gapped teeth
Hands and Feet: SLINK Avatar Enhancements

Prefab: Scarlet Creative - Atlantic Gazer,available at Collabor88
Sofa and Ottoman: floorplan - sailor's loveseat and Ottoman, available at Collabor88

Poses: Diesel Works  and Glitterburps


Today I will have only a quick one for you, because my Computer is having some issues with taking pics in Secondlife *sighs*

The outfit I am wearing is from Junebug and is available at Chapter Four. I quickly fell in love with these ruffled Skirt, because it's somekind of "business" and adorable cuteness <3 Of course I needed that in pink :D 
The Blouse I am wearing is from Junebug, too. It has laced collar and bottomline and I adore Lace a lot! You'll get this nicely textured pretty thing at Chapter Four. Junebug is offering both in several Colors and I guess I'll grab some others :D

My amazing Heels are from Ingenue. These are from the Arcade Gacha Event. I was lucky to get these with my first gacha play. Just look at this little bow <3

At the Arcade Event I also played the machine from Exile and got this beautiful Hair :D You will get 2 Hairstyles and 2 Sunglasses with huds for each. This is a great thing and I will play that again!

Well, so far some news from my messy Inventory. Hopefully my Computer let me take some pics again. 

See you soon and take care!

What else am I wearing

Skin: Deetalez - Uma in Nordic n
Hair: Exile - London to LA (Wearing LA Version), available at The Arcade Gacha Event
Eyes: Ikon -  Promise Eyes (Starfall)
Eye makeup: .tsg - Doki Doki Eyeshadow simple (gatcha Item, available at .tsg Mainstore) + Glitzz - The Thrift Shop Gift
Lashes: [glow] studio - TDR 2010 bestseller
Star Tattoo: ~Glitterburps ~ Starsies Tattoos (wearing Teeny Tiny)

Blouse: Junebug - Work Blouse in white Lace, available at Chapter 4
Skirt: Junebug - Peplum Skirt in Bloom, available at Chapter 4
Heels: Ingenue - Jolie Heels in Candy, available at The Arcade Gacha Event

Ring: Blah - My cute vampais ring (violet)
Necklace: Half Deer -  Nekolace  (Siamese), available at The Chapter 4
Phone: tsg - Keitai Smart Phone (beary-san mint), available at The Arcade Gacha Event

Hands and Feet: SLINK Avatar enhancements
Mouth: .loudmouth - Alli + gapped Teeth

Pose: ~Glitterburps~ 

Please check my LM Site here


A shorty for today :D

The Arcade gacha event is running and I was able to get there yesterday :D 

So I wanted to show you some of the Items I got there. But only a few, because I need to sort them in my messy Inventory XD
The next blogpost will show you some more, I promise!

I was lucky to get the Scarlet Creative House with my first play. It's the rare one so I decided to get the commons (chair, bed,sofa, blinds, curtain and birds on a twig) , too.
It's build so pretty, the Textures are incredible (as always) and I really love how you will get different results when using windlight settings <3

I also got some of the tsg Keitai Phones! Eilfie, these are incredible cute <3 I am showing you the Smartphone Beary-san in mint. You get an extra Hud for changing some of it's things (bow, bear and wallpaper) and this is really cool!

The Hair I am wearing is rom the truth gacha and is called Sakura. It's the 1side version and you can add bears or flowers as you wish. You can mix the styles and I love that ! The Hair itself comes with a hud also, so you can change the colors a bit :D 

Let's get ready girls! Here is your taxi to the arcade :D

What else am I wearing

Skin: Deetalez - Uma in Nordic 
Hair: Truth - Sakura 1side (Colors wirh pink bears), available at The Arcade gacha event
Eyes: Ikon -  Promise Eyes (Starfall)
Eye makeup: .tsg - Doki Doki Eyeshadow simple (gatcha Item, available at .tsg Mainstore) + Glitzz - The Thrift Shop Gift
Lashes: [glow] studio - TDR 2010 bestseller 
Star Tattoo: ~Glitterburps ~ Starsies Tattoos (wearing Teeny Tiny)

Bra and Skirt: Bowtique - Ruffle Lingerie (Candy Pack) , available on MP, check these cute things out!
Heels: *epic* - Softy Suede Wedges (BabyPink) NEW

Ring: Blah - My cute vampais ring (violet)
Nosering: ellabella - Helene (pink)
Necklace: Half Deer -  Nekolace  (Siamese), available at The Chapter 4

Phone: tsg - Keitai Smart Phone (beary-san mint)
Plushie left: silentsparrow - stanley dragon plush, available at The Arcade gacha Event
Plushie right: theosophy - alpaca berrypaca, available at The Arcade gacha Event

Hands and Feet: SLINK Avatarenhancements
Mouth: .loudmouth - Alli

House and Furniture: Scarlet Creative - The Arcade Love , available at The Arcade gacha event
Poses: ~Glitterburps~ No Regrets and Baby got Back


After some grey and rainy days the sun came out today. I felt so good inside her warming beams that I am in a very happy mood now :)

Because oft that I decided to get a really colorful look for you, sooooo... here we goooo :)

First of all: My Rainbowskirt from Katat0nik. I love the colors, the layered look, well, everything! Just look at it's rainbow colors and fell in love. There are several Skirts to choose from. I also got a light rainbow version of this skirt there (you will love it!)
Well, I asked myself what to wear with this pretty skirt and went to Blah. I know I would find a perfect Item there that will fit my needs :) And yep, I found this georgous Bodysuit that looks some kind of melted Icecream. I got myself the lilac/sky one, even if it was hard to choose any (all are so pretty colored)

At Blah I also find my new favorite Shoes! Well.. Shoes is the wrong word I guess... But I knew I couldn't live without these Getas in Latex <3 
Hoshi Kimono is offering these pretty Babies in several colors and also with a wooden base! Just jump into the store and  get your favorite pair :D

Well, enough for today . I want you to have an amazing weekend with lots of sunshine :D

Love , Secret

What else am I wearing

Skin: Deetalez - Uma in Nordic 
Hair: [LCKY ] -  Rene (Disaster Pack)
Eyes: .tsg - Galxy Eyes in Pink
Lips: .tsg - Lip Tinte in Sugarplum
Eye makeup: .tsg - Doki Doki Eyeshadow simple (gatcha Item, available at .tsg Mainstore)
Lashes: [glow] studio - TDR 2010 bestseller 
Star tattoo: ~Glitterburps ~ Starsies Tattoos (wearing Teeny Tiny)

Bodysuit: Blah. - my Sticky Candy Suit in Lilac/Sky
Skirt: Katat0nik - Tulle Skirt in Candy Rainbow + Tulle Skirt Waistband
Tights: *epic* Tight High Toeless Socks (I didn't use the applier for slink feet)
Shoes: Blah. - My elevated Getas in Latex (violet)

Bow: tsg. Crowned Jewel Hairbow in Pink (Colorchange Hud for gems and metal included)
Noseringellabella - Rondure - Carbon&Pearl (gatcha Item from Mainstore)
Collar: Blah. - My Nekomata Collar (Special White Pack)
Ring: Blah. - My cute Vampaia Ring (Violet)
Nails: {ZOZ} - Glitter Candy Gold Polish

Hands and Feet: SLINK Avatar Enhancements
Boobs: Lola Tango Mirage

Poses: ~Glitterburps~ Oh Joy and Fly away from here


During the last 3 days my Inventory exploded, because I went to The Chapter 4. Well, every month it is a must go for me. All of  those pretty things and gachas *_*

This Round is something special, because The Chapter 4 is turning 1 year :) Happy Birthday *throwing confetti*
Well, for that cause all Designers created a nice little gift that are ready to picked up there. You only need to join the group of The Chapter 4.

Today I will show you some of these Gifts and some of my gacha items I got there and also some cute little ones that are from a store gacha :)

As you can see, I have some new little Friends :) These are made by Obscura Benoir, the owner of D'n'C.  These litte cuties are called Boxis and you can collect them. There are 6 common and 1 rare.
Ionic has made suuuper cute items for  their gacha! I played it 3 Times and got the Desk with Chair and the cabinet with these little houses in it <3
You can also see 2 Items from Oh la la. The gorgeous hanging book and the A stool are so well made! and the stool has poses in it *-* I guess I will play those gachas again to get more cute stuff *sighs

Let me now show you my outfit. It's kinda nerdy/girl next door like, but I really like it. 
My Blouse and Skirt are from Tokame and are the Birthdaygift for The Chapter 4. It comes as 1 piece and has the cute cage necklace extra . I combined this Outfit with another birthday gift from Moon. They made this incredible cute messy hairstyle. you will get the greyscale pack :)
My little furry companion is from Alchemy/birdy and it's from The charpter 4 gacha there. Well, I guess I am a birdy gacha addicted. I looooooove who cute these things are and I always play this gacha once.... or twice... or.. well.. I spend much time on the birdy gachas <3

You need to tp to The Chapter 4 now and make yourself happy by buying these cutnesses :) Hurry, because it will only last a few days.

Take care hufflepuffling <3

What else am I wearing

Skin: DeeTalez - A.T.W. Uma (in nordic) 
Eyes: IKON - Promise Eyes in Oak
Lashes: [glow] Studio TDR2010 Bestseller (3 pair of lashes) 
Hair: Moon {Hair} - Unreflected Greyscale Pack , Birthdaygift at TCF
Glasses: BB- Gothica Nerd Glasses 

Dress:  Tokame - Damara Autumn Dress + Heart in a cage Necklace , Birthdaygift at TCF
Heels: fri.day -  Moxie Heels (baby) , available at C88
Tights: {Mes petites Coutures} -  Rawr Collection
Kitty: Alchemy/.birdy - Sassy Cat - G -Snow , available at TFC
Purse: Offbeat - nyanyanaya purseBirthdaygift at TCF

Hands and Feet: SLINK Avatar Enhancements
Polish: ~Glitterburps~ Cloud No. 9

Furniture: *ionic* and oh la la,  available at TFC

Boxis: D'n'C 

Poses: ~Glitterburps~ and sr3d poses


I am a bit behind with this post, cause of a busy RL . BUT

This time Collabor88's Round is incredible amazing <3
Would have bought everything in there, but I already bought too much thogh^^

Let me show you what I got 

First of all I'd like to show you these pretty Furnitures and dishes! I mixed and matched some of Floorplan, Flowey's and The Loft Items to fit my needs. These Little Dinerplates are sooo pretty. And the Table is Texturechange! Love love love! 

The Dress I am wearing is from Milk Motion and  loooooook! It fits so perfectly and lets my boobies look so nice *sighs* and of course I bought it in pink :D 
I choose fri.days Moxie Heels. These match my dress so well and really remember me at the 50's. 

Well, enough for today, have a happy and sunny rest of the weekend everyone <3

What else am I wearing:

Skins: ->Freak<- Dyane in B tone, incl. SLINK Appliers (available soon)
Eyes: IKON - Promise Eyes in Oak
Lashes: [glow] Studio TDR2010 Bestseller (3 pair of lashes)
Hair: Tram - D427 hair in amber (available at Collabor88)

Dress: Milk Motion - Pin up Dress in pink (available at Collabor88)
Earings: Maxi Gossamer - Matinee Shimmer (available at Collabor88)
Heels: Fri.day -  Moxi Heels in baby (available at Collabor88)
Hairbow: LaGyo -  Mary Bow Bandana pack 3 (available at Collabor88)

Hands and Feet: SLINK Avatar Enhancements
Polish: ~Glitterburps~ Cloud No. 9

Furniture and Dishes: FloorplanFlowey's and The Loft (available at Collabor88)

Poses: ~Glitterburps~ Oh Joy (1st Picture)  and Purple Poses Mila (2nd Picture)

All LM's can be found under Shop and Event Landmarks at right top of this page or i you click here

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